Safe custody of assets

Anchor Securities Private Clients outsources all its client asset safekeeping, trading and custody to Anchor Securities Stockbrokers (Pty) Ltd, a member of the JSE Limited.

All client transactions are therefore settled and transacted through the JSE Limited and all JSE regulations, rules and requirements are adhered to at all time. This is an extremely well regulated and stringent operating environment.

We are always cognisant of the fact that the funds entrusted to us by our clients, have been hard-earned. For this reason, we always employ the services of an independent custodian for all listed instruments, and SA domiciled cash is either placed with the JSE Trustees or in a corporate saver account with one of SA’s big five banks. Unit Trust assets are held in clients' own names. Professional indemnity cover is in place to further protect our clients.

The safe custody of our client's offshore assets will depend on the the nature of the underlying investments but will always comply with international best practice.

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