Our investment process

Asset allocation is the foundation of our investment process. Our investment portfolios are primarily managed on a segregated basis but our platforms allow us flexibility to hold unit trusts and structured products as well. When we utilise unit trust funds in the portfolios, these are required to meet our strict criteria and form part of our approved list of funds. All of the funds on our approved list have been vetted by an well-known independent fund rating house.

We employ a core and satellite approach to our investment portfolios when appropriate. The satellite component allows us access to parts of the market which are difficult to access directly as well as to take short term tactical positions and geographic exposures.

Effective estate planning structuring may involve investments to be held through multiple entities and names. This may require varying individual investment strategies and ASPC is well placed to manage the combination of accounts which feed into one overarching investment strategy.  Each portfolio reflects the individual behind it.

Our Investment Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis to review our asset allocation decisions and model portfolios. In addition to this, the Investcom meets with the Anchor Capital research team as part of a weekly national feedback session on local and international markets and individual stock recommendations. The Investment Committee are responsible for managing our houseview model portfolio and investment framework.

We are always cognisant of the fact that the funds entrusted to us by our clients, have been hard-earned. For this reason, we always employ the services of an independent custodian for all listed instruments, and SA domiciled cash is either placed with the JSE Trustees or in a corporate saver account with one of SA’s big five banks. Unit Trust assets are held in clients' own names. Professional indemnity cover is in place to further protect our clients.

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