Portfolios with Anchor Securities Private Clients can be used as collateral against loan facilities.

Equity portfolios boast significant collateral value and a client's ability to borrow against their equity holdings opens up a world of possibilities. Clients can request a lending facility against their portfolio at a very competitive rate and with a short turnaround time.

The terms of the loan are based on the underlying value, spread and liquidity of the portfolio. This solution is referred to as a share margin account. The funds obtained by way of loan can either be re-invested into the portfolio to take advantage of market weakness; may be used to fund the purchase of other assets or simply to fund short term day to day needs.

One of the main attractions of this facility is the simple application and loan process. Fast approval turnaround times and no initiation/structuring fees differentiate this product. Interest is rolled up and the loan is perpetual, ie there is no fixed repayment term.

The staff at Anchor Securities Private Clients can guide you through the appropriateness, timing and use of this strategy.

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