Our services offered cover both local and international assets, and the structuring of both discretionary and retirement savings. We have partnerships in place with private wealth managers in Zurich, London and the Isle of Man. This gives our clients access to banking and investment markets worldwide. With research from global and local investment houses as well as from our in-house research team of 14 analysts, we are afforded detailed company and economic analysis across markets and geographies.

We manage portfolios on a discretionary or pro-actively advised basis which include equities, listed property, listed preference shares, bonds and cash.  Portfolios can be invested in the South African market as well as internationally, through the major worldwide exchanges.

Our platforms afford us the flexibility to hold listed securities as well as unit trusts or collective investments.  We are recognised brokers on the various LISP platforms so that our clients can always enjoy the benefits of open architecture locally and internationally.

Locally invested assets can be managed in a client’s own name or in the name of a legal entity. Investments can also be held through an endowment wrapper, a retirement annuity or a living annuity structure. 

Internationally, clients have the choice of investing in their own names, through an offshore Trust or via a tax efficient wrapper.


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