Bespoke solutions

At Anchor Securities Private Clients we pride ourselves on a truly bespoke investment offering for our clients.  We provide custom investment solutions, both locally and offshore, across all risk and investment strategies utilising multi-asset classes.  Whether your focus is on growing your investments or you require a regular income stream over time or a combination of the aforementioned, we are able to structure an appropriate and tailor made solution to meet your requirements.

Our open architecture structure gives us the flexibility to provide clients with consistent results, tax efficient investments, competitive fee pricing and excellent service.

We measure performance against an inflation plus benchmark for domestic assets but for offshore assets we measure performance against a market-related composite index.

We follow these 6 fundamental steps as part of our advisory process:

  1. Understand. We ask the right questions to ensure we understand you and your family’s specific needs.
  2. Analyse. We research and analyse to develop a bespoke solution.
  3. Present. Together we discuss your personalised proposed investment plan.
  4. Implement. If agreed to, the investment strategy is implemented.
  5. Monitor. We constantly monitor and review underlying investments and strategic positioning.
  6. Feedback. We report back to you and consistently re-assess to ensure positive results.

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